Peak Season Trading in a Covid World

With the second lockdown now in place across England, it would be quite easy to focus on furloughing the team and then arranging to re-open your shops in exactly the same way we did back in the summer. However, this time around things are going to be hugely different. Assuming this second lockdown ends on[…]

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Oct 16 2020

Seasonal Changeovers

Seasonal change has always been a huge part of the retail calender. Fashion retailers have four seasonal changes a year coinciding with the changing of the actual seasons, which is normally proceeded by a sale. This is all common knowledge. Charity retailers also carry out seasonal change overs that align with the changing of the[…]

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Sep 04 2020

(Retail) Space: The Final Frontier

SPACE ‘The final frontier’ are the opening words on Star Trek, the famous science-fiction series. However, retail space is not science fiction – it is a key component of ‘retail science’, which needs to be fully understood and utilised to generate maximum sales. It may not surprise you to find out that most charity retail[…]

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Aug 03 2020

Charity Retail Hitting New Online Heights

Charity retail online sales are currently hitting record high levels. It is the one area of charity retail that has seemed to not just hold it’s own, but actually flourish. Whilst not all charity retailer’s online operations are functioning fully right now, many that are ‘back to normal’ are comfortably outperforming last year’s sales. So[…]

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Jul 24 2020

Location, Location, Location

Charity retail location – it all used to be so simple! Find a unit, ensure it had good customer flow, make sure parking was nearby to assist donations and if you could do all of that with reasonably low rents to pay, then you have the cherry on top also! However, before the recent lockdown,[…]

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Jul 20 2020

Current Rag Prices Being Offered

With reopening plans now thoroughly underway, our latest insight that rag prices are returning to a place of normality was some warmly received news. Covid-19 has forced a turbulent few months on all of us and charity retail (not to mention rag prices) have been no different. Due to difficulties in many overseas markets, coupled[…]

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Jul 15 2020

Brand Directory – Eliminate The Guesswork

“How much shall I put on this?” It’s a question heard in every charity retail shop around the Country at one time or another. The battle to strike the perfect balance between selling greater volumes and generating maximum profit on each sale – it’s not easy! Donations can throw up a whole host of weird[…]

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Charity Retail – Are you Fit for the Future

Within retail like most industries history has taught us, or it should have after every financial shock or realignment you need to reflect and analyse every aspect of your business. Covid 19 has caused the biggest financial shock in a century and those charity retailers who believe everything will return to normal a few months[…]

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Jun 29 2020

Managing Donations

Throughout the Charity sector discussions on the expected levels of donations being offered following the lockdown period has been a concern for many. The population have been asked to stay at home and during this time will have been tidying their houses and collating large quantities of unwanted items which they expect to donate to[…]

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Selling Online

With the growth of online changing consumer shopping habits in the UK, and it was around 20% of retail sales prior to covid 19 it is little wonder that most charity retailers have an online operation already. While the lockdown has dramatically affected retailers, especially charity retailers it has also had an interesting side effect[…]

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