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Leadership positions in charity retail can be difficult to prepare for. They can present a challenge to those promoted from more junior roles, who find themselves suddenly burdened with greater responsibility. Equally, they can trip up a leader with experience in mainstream, traditional retailing, where the demands aren’t as varying, the decision-making is more centralised, and resources are less limited.

A key area for development for the majority of charity retail leaders is their strategic skills, because while they might be an experienced retailer, they are normally an operator rather than a strategist.   

Leaders who lack the experience strategic knowledge or are new working at a senior level in charity retail can quickly find themselves less effective than they would be capable of with some further development or mentoring. 

Whether your organisation is promoting from within, or recruiting from outside the sector, or keen to develop the leadership skills of a current employee we can provide the support, development or mentoring required.

We have a range of different packages:

Skyline Certification of Charity Retail Strategy

Developing a charity retail strategy takes considerable expertise and knowledge of:

  • Complex strategy development expertise
  • Financial expertise
  • Future retail trends
  • People development expertise
  • E-commerce expertise operationally and strategically
  • Charity retail expertise operationally and strategically  

While ideally you would want the person responsible for retail to be MBA qualified along with the required knowledge and expertise, there is now another option.

The Skyline Certification of Charity Retail Strategy

We run the Skyline Certification of Charity Retail Strategy 2-day residential workshop twice a year.  This is a very popular course with very small groups and limited places.

If you would like to book a place, or find out more please contact us for an initial discussion

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Bespoke Leadership Mentoring & Support Packages

Any leader within your organisation can benefit from our mentoring and support packages.

Our leadership mentoring and support package offers ongoing development and mentoring assistance for between three to twelve months. Since different individuals will need different levels of support, we begin with an assessment of the requirements. Following this, we can recommend the level and type of support accordingly.

Support might come in many forms. It might consist of short-term measures, going through a daily routine and helping to identify procedural improvements. On the other hand, it might take the form of remote support via Zoom, through which longer-term challenges can be identified and addressed.

Through the service, individuals have the chance to consult with experts in the industry. Sessions might cover:

  • Discussion of scenarios and potential courses of action.

  • Advice on planned activities and aims.

  • Strategy implementation and performance improvement plans.

  • Anticipation of potential obstacles arising from operational complexity.

Our clients often appreciate the service so much that they keep it in place even after the initial plan has come to an end. Ongoing consultancy helps charity retail leaders to navigate an ever-changing retail landscape, to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses, to improve their performance, and to improve the performance of the entire organisation.

If a new leader in your charity retail business needs support to settle into their new role, then why not have a discussion with us? We can tailor our support to the right level and help to make improvements right from the start.


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