Leadership Support

Leadership positions in charity retail can be difficult to prepare for. They can present a challenge to those promoted from more junior roles, who find themselves suddenly burdened with greater responsibility. Equally, they can trip up a leader with experience in mainstream, traditional retailing, where the demands aren’t as varying, the decision-making is more centralised, and resources are less limited.

Leaders who are unaccustomed to these pressures can quickly find themselves exposed, especially during the first few weeks in the new position. Whether your organisation is promoting from within, or recruiting from outside the sector, we can provide the support required.

A Bespoke Package

Our leadership support package offers ongoing assistance for between three to twelve months. Since different individuals will need different levels of support, we begin with an assessment of your requirements. Following this, we can adjust out support accordingly.

Support might come in many forms. It might consist of short-term measures, going through a daily routine and helping to identify procedural improvements. On the other hand, it might take the form of remote support via Zoom, through which longer-term challenges can be identified and addressed.

Through the service, individuals have the chance to consult with experts in the industry. Sessions might cover:
Our clients often appreciate the service so much that they keep it in place even after the initial plan has come to an end. Ongoing consultancy helps charity retail leaders to navigate an ever-changing retail landscape, to keep track of their strengths and weaknesses, to improve their performance, and to improve the performance of the entire organisation.

If a new leader in your charity retail business needs support to settle into their new role, then why not have a discussion with us? We can tailor our support to the right level and help to make improvements right from the start.


Management in retail can be hugely difficult. But managers in the charity sector must shoulder even greater responsibility, owing mostly to the decentralised nature of decision making in charity organisations.

With so many variables in play, it’s impossible for charity retail managers to consult with head-office every time a decision needs to be made. Moreover, the job itself is more complex: working arrangements need to be adaptable, supply chains are more diverse, and competition is fiercer than ever.

Add in the fact that market conditions are changing constantly, and it soon becomes clear that managers in charity retail face an unenviable task.

What qualities does a manager need?

Meeting these challenges requires a range of qualities, beyond the leadership skills and customer-focussed attitude demanded by traditional retail leadership roles. To enjoy long-term success, charity-retail managers will need commercial acumen, a strong knowledge of the variables in play, strategic vision and excellent operational ability. What’s more, they’ll need to contend with limited human resources, and considerable pressure to deliver commercial results.

Even when the recruitment process is impeccable and the best possible candidate is installed, there’s often an appreciable gap between the demands of the job and the ability of the manager to meet those demands.

Most charities lack the resources and industry-specific experience to close that gap. That’s where the Skyline solution comes in.

How Skyline can Help

Gaps in a skillset can prevent even an accomplished manager from performing optimally. Our Mentoring and Personal Development Programme is designed to target these gaps.

Any leader within your organisation can benefit from our support. This includes:
Investment of this kind confers considerable benefits. It not only helps your staff to optimise their day-to-day effectiveness. It also bolsters job satisfaction, improves morale, strengthens branding, and promotes a more positive culture in the workplace.

This in turn drives down staff turnover, which is particularly important at management level, where unplanned vacancies can be more consequential.

Reliable Results

Through these programmes, individuals can reflect on their planned strategies, and receive informed feedback before they go on to implement. Through this process of refinement and learning, effectiveness can be raised to the highest possible standard, and maintained there.

Charity retail leaders often find themselves under pressure to act. Through mentoring, leaders can develop the skills they need to identify the right action, and to take it decisively, with a confidence that spreads throughout the organisation.

What do we offer?

Skyline programmes can last for either 6-months or 12-months, and include:
Skyline are a UK registered training provider, and every Skyline mentor is a charity retail leadership expert. Choose us, and you can rest assured that your staff are in safe hands!

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