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E-commerce is an increasingly important avenue for retailers of all  kinds. It allows stores to sell digitally to remote customers, increasing the reach of charity retailers. No charity retailers can optimise the full sales potential without e-commerce as part of its retail operation. But getting the best from an e-commerce operation isn’t always straightforward, especially for charity retailers with more immediate priorities to contend with. 

As such, charity retail organisations have a poor track record when it comes to fulfilling their e-commerce potential. This is often a result of a strategy that isn’t robust enough, or failure to optimise supply chains, technology and operational processes.

But e-commerce isn’t going anywhere and is growing  therefore the online world is an opportunity that can’t be ignored. In a market as rapidly evolving as this one and with most charities have worked extremely hard in developing their online business but now it’s time to grow your online sales and profits.  Relying on familiar methods might put you at a severe disadvantage. The good news is that there’s help available, in the form of Skyline’s industry-leading e-commerce support and solutions.

MOR4 Charites

While there are many different solutions in the market, compare these with our software. Most charities have worked extremely hard in developing their online business but now it’s time to grow your online sales and profits

MOR4 Charities is part of a 40 billion Dollar worldwide company with a fully configurable online solution to meet your bespoke requirements. Because no charity retailer is the same.  We operate both within the charity sector and outside the charity sector supporting companies with online turnovers of a few thousands to more than £5 million.   

MOR4 Charites can help you grow your sales and profit

MOR4 Charities links to many different selling platforms

eBay, Amazon, Esty, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Google, WooCommerce, Magento Visual Soft.  We have a large team of developers across the world to support our software and build new selling channel integrations so more will be added soon.

MOR4 Charities automatically captures Gift Aid  

Ability to capture or export Gift Aid Reports which can Automated to when you require them from the online selling channels. No more manual processes.

MOR4 Charities can help you optimise sales

Able to list and despatch from multiple locations

Automated shipping software to improve efficiency

Our Shipping software can be configured and automated to meet the client’s needs. With multiple courier integrations the software can be configured to determine which courier to use when shipping an item using the items weight and service required. 

Our software will enable you to list and despatch from multiple locations.  When an item is sold on a channel the software will automatically configure where the item is located so that the order can be despatched from that location saving time and cost.

Our warehouse management system will enable you to create order consolidated pick lists showing the item location and quantity required.

All new goods can have their barcodes stored within the software so that you can scan each item prior to shipping to ensure the customer receives the correct item.

Links to all major Couriers                                                                                     DPD, Amazon Fulfilment, Parcelforce, Evri, Royal Mail, TNT, UPS, FEDEX & DHL

Integrate your online sales into your epos

Our API will enable your epos provider to integrate your sales, Listing fees and Gift Aid donor information into their software. Automatically captures Gift Aid and selling fees to HMRC regulations from all channels.

We already have most epos providers with live integrations.

Bespoke analysis and reporting

Enables you to have the reports that you require when you require them for example: sales by lister, sales by selling channel, sales by product category, average selling price, sales by each donating shop and far more.·        

Full training and support

Full training and support from the only global award-winning specialist charity retail training business

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