Selling Online

E-commerce is an important avenue for retailers of all kinds. It allows stores to sell digitally to remote customers. This saves on shop space, makes life more convenient for customers, and ultimately bolsters sales.

But getting the best from an e-commerce operation isn’t always straightforward, especially for charity retailers with more immediate priorities to contend with.

As such, charity retail organisations have a poor track record when it comes to fulfilling their e-commerce potential. This is often a result of a strategy that isn’t robust enough, or failure to optimise supply chains and operational processes.

But e-commerce isn’t going anywhere and is growing – therefore the online world is an opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Anticipating change is critical and acting pro-actively will get ahead of the curve. But many charities lack the expertise to do this in-house. In a market as rapidly evolving as this one, relying on familiar methods might put you at a severe disadvantage. The good news is that there’s help available, in the form of Skyline’s industry-leading e-commerce support.

Our unique understanding of charity retail e-commerce allows us to identify problems and present solutions immediately, and to develop a successful e-commerce strategy that accounts for the challenges currently facing your business.

In addition, eBay and Amazon have terms and conditions which need to be complied with to keep your Trading licence – we will ensure your procedures protect this for the organisation.

What we Offer

Skyline offer a range of innovative e-commerce solutions. Each is fully integrated and automated, and tailored to the specific requirements of your business. They can provide your business with an advantage in today’s highly competitive online marketplace. We can look to make improvements in the following areas:
If you want more profits from your e-commerce operation talk to us, we can help.

Starting Up

Groundwork is especially important when it comes to e-commerce. By putting the preparatory work in at the outset, you’ll give your online arm the greatest possible chance of success. That means putting in place the right processes and checks from day one.

Our support comprises:

Omni Channel

If a retailer wants a real edge within the crowded marketplace, its brick-and-mortar shops and online operations will need to be able to talk to one another. There’s a special term for this kind of cohesive approach: omni-channel.

Skyline can make your retail operation omni-channel. By integrating your operations, you’ll be able to offer services like click-and-collect, as well as incorporation modern distribution systems to deliver a more personalised customer experience.
Our considerable experience, knowledge, and capability help us to make this happen. Whether you are just starting with e-commerce, or you’ve been trading online for a while, we’ll establish where you stand, identify potential improvements, and give your e-commerce operations the support they need. So why not get in touch, and start your e-commerce journey today?

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