Loss Prevention

When it comes to retail loss, prevention is invariably better than cure. In some cases, the cause of a loss can be deliberate human intervention. In others, it can be simple carelessness. By putting into place effective and robust systems, we can protect both the charity and the donors upon which it depends.

This is a difficult and complex subject, which many charities struggle to address internally. They might lack the skillset and the time to properly review potential sources of loss, or they may simply be too close to the organisation to see the bigger picture.

Independent input from the UK’s foremost charity retail experts can provide the required support.

We have identified three main areas of risk to Charity Retailers.

Processes and Systems

Charity Retailers face far greater operational complexity than their equivalents in traditional retail. This is due to several factors, most notably a lack of inventory control on donations. To successfully handle this complexity, the right process and systems must be installed. These must be strong, pragmatic, and practicable.

Policies and procedures must be made clear and accessible to all. This will protect both the charity, and the people who run it. With the right training, compliance can be made widespread, at every branch, and at every stage of the supply chain.

Our analysis is driven by data from the businesses we support. This allows us to identify potential points of failure in both stock and cash handling processes, and your operations more broadly.

After reviewing your processes and systems, we can recommend appropriate action. This helps to preserve not only the efficiency and profitability of your charity, but its reputation, too.

Gift Aid Protection

Gift Aid is a valuable tax incentive that allows your charity to claim back a portion of all donations. But failure to comply with HMRC guidelines can put your charity at risk of a fine of up to 5 years Gift Aid Revenue. A common example of this is the mislabelling of donations, which can cause gift aid to be misallocated to someone other than the actual donor.

By auditing your charity’s Gift Aid performance, we can ensure that all shops comply with the HMRC key guidelines, and thereby avoid any punishment.

Retail Theft Solutions

Charity retail businesses, much like every other kind of business, are vulnerable to theft by employees. Given the chaotic environment and the shortage of monitoring facilities, employee theft can be difficult to uncover. It can be exceedingly difficult for management to investigate potential malpractice, even when the evidence is relatively strong.

Rooting out malpractice is something that we have considerable experience with. With our experience and impartiality, we can help you to uncover problem cases, and absolve innocent parties of suspicion. This can be done through a range of different measures, some of which we offer directly, some of which are implemented by a trusted partner. Our solutions include:

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