Peak Season Trading in a Covid World

With the second lockdown now in place across England, it would be quite easy to focus on furloughing the team and then arranging to re-open your shops in exactly the same way we did back in the summer. However, this time around things are going to be hugely different. Assuming this second lockdown ends on[…]

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Aug 17 2020

Volunteering in a Post-Lockdown World

The world has changed in a way none of us could have ever predicted at the turn of the year. The global pandemic has forced us all to accept a “new normal” and the way businesses are adapting, and evolving is astounding – and Charity Retail is no different. However, as much as social distancing,[…]

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Jun 29 2020

Managing Donations

Throughout the Charity sector discussions on the expected levels of donations being offered following the lockdown period has been a concern for many. The population have been asked to stay at home and during this time will have been tidying their houses and collating large quantities of unwanted items which they expect to donate to[…]

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Jun 15 2020

COVID 19 Update

When Charity shops reopen in June is your donation strategy good enough? All charities should be planning their donation strategy because as soon as charity shops reopen the donation flow is going to be vastly different to anything experienced within charity retail previously. I will expect every charity will have carried out the required detailed[…]

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