Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a vital source of revenue, and something that most Charity Retailers have as a performance related KPI. But the complexities of the getting the best performance from the system can often be difficult to navigate. Our support service helps to demystify the performance barriers and explain how your organisation can get the best from the system. We’ll help you understand what it means for your business, and how your procedures can be made watertight at every stage of the process.

How can Skyline help?

The underlying cause of Gift Aid underperformance can be difficult to diagnose. Our Customer Experience Mystery Shop can provide an invaluable tool. An anonymous observer, posing as a donor, can record their experience. This will provide a donor’s eye view of the entire procedure and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

At Skyline, the charity’s data will give a clear indication of where there may be process failures within the Gift Aid operation.

Most importantly we can also help ensure your processes and procedures related to Gift Aid will identify where HMRC requirements are not being met, and where staff are not complying with their responsibilities. As well as troubleshooting, these procedures also provide an opportunity to recognise good work being done, and thereby incentivise more of it.


If Gift Aid is to become part of the culture of the workplace, it’ll need to be inculcated through quality training. We are an accredited UK training provider, capable of providing training both in a classroom and on site.

We can clarify any misconceptions around the Gift Aid process and ensure that every member of your staff is thoroughly acquainted with their responsibilities. We can then follow this up with additional learning checks and follow-up businesses, and thereby bake these practices into the day-to-day running of the business.

Gift Aid can seem arcane, particularly if you don’t have any legal expertise to fall back on. But help is at hand. The Charity Retail Association’s website is a valuable source of information. But for a thorough consultation that’s bespoke to your situation, why not contact Skyline? We can advise you on potential next steps, without any obligation to take things further.

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