It’s a time of great change in the Retail Charity sector. What’s more, the pace of that change is accelerating. Internet vendors and value retailers provide fierce competition, and there are broader economic and technical obstacles to contend with.

This means that charity retailer organisations, and their staff, will need to work more quickly, accurately, and efficiently than ever before – and do so without suffering from overwork and stress! With the right support, it’s not only possible, but hugely desirable.

Superstores - New Shops - Rent free lease deals

Opening a new charity retail shop is challenging and a distraction assuming of course you can find the ideal site.  We offer a full new shop service from:

  • Acquisition of ideal sites including access to unadvertised sites and rent free deals. 
  • Financial modelling of new potential sites
  • Shop Layout planning to latest best practice
  • Merchandising preopening support.

Handling Complexity

A successful charity retail business must successfully juggle dozens of variables. Often, the right action isn’t obvious. By the same token, identifying the root cause of underperformance can be extremely difficult for Boards and Retail teams.

To successfully address these difficulties Skyline has developed a bespoke, industry-leading consultancy service.

The service can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of the charity in question. It might come in the form of a single day, or as a weekly block of intensive analysis and feedback. As well as face-to-face support, you’ll also be able to reach us via phone, seven days a week.

What services can we Offer?

We’ve spent years offering valuable support to countless charity retail organisations. Among the more common areas of uncertainty for charities are:
Dealing with these problems is an ongoing effort. But there are also one-off events which require careful planning, where the support of an impartial outside party can be invaluable. These might include:
Skyline can identify the root causes of your business’s problems and prescribe solutions that will lead to lasting improvement. We’re impartial and have genuine industry expertise at our disposal. What’s more, allowing us to take a look from above will leave your staff free to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business!

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