Retail Strategy

A clear and robust retail strategy is critical to the success of any charity retail business. Charity retail can be a complex business, and thus it often calls for a detailed strategy– one that maximises opportunities while identifying potential threats. Tackling all of the interdependencies requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles at work. That’s where Skyline can help.

What we do

We examine the Retail Business in its entirety, considering every underlying strength and weakness. By doing this in collaboration with the charities themselves, we can glean every possible insight into every operation, and formulate a strategy that’s actionable and relevant. 

We apply our strategic knowledge and Charity Retail expertise to develop the bespoke Retail Strategy including with detailed financial projections for all recommendations.

We follow a proven process for developing a bespoke retail strategy because while every charity is different the principles of strategy development is the same.

Over the past 9 years how retail strategies have delivered exceptional results and if you would like to find out more details contact us. 


The strategy building process


We carry out the ultimate quantitative diagnostics of the whole retail business to understand the current and potential retail performance.

Current and past retail strategies review       

We review the current and past retail strategies and ensure we understand the vision and what has not worked in the past.

Geographical operating area review

We review the current and potential geographical operating areas


Our experience of the market allows us to ensure that your retail business align with industry best-practice. Having done this, we can install the appropriate checks and balances to stabilise those practices. Our approach is driven by data and vindicated by a string of happy clients.

With our support, you can compose a strategy that will account for every avenue of revenue growth, as well as every opportunity to control costs. It’ll be robust and flexible enough to withstand changing market conditions, and adaptable enough to be updated in years to come.


We spend time talking with the senior retail team about the business.  We aim to gather their ideas and to clarify how the retail business currently works. 

Stakeholder engagement meetings

To discuss findings and the options available before the strategy development begins.

Retail strategy brainstorm

The Retail Strategy includes brainstorm with the retail team and selected key stakeholders. 


We carry out the highly detailed qualitative diagnostics by visiting every shop and their locations. We aim to understand the current  and potential of the retail business and to ensure everything good is built upon. We also consider the long-term sustainability of existing shops. This is critically important, as it allows problems to be identified and remedied before they have a chance to harm the wider business

New stores

Expansion can be a tricky thing. With our support, you’ll be able to avoid pitfalls that come from growth. We’ll examine your existing capacity, and the potential for profitable growth that might be realised by investing in extra outlets. We’ll factor in the cost of set-up and rent, as well as the sales you’ll get in return. Our experience in expansion provides us with an unprecedented insight into what’s involved: put simply, we understand what works and what doesn’t, and why.


We carry out a highly detailed quantitative and qualitative diagnostics of the current retail operation.  We look at best practices and operational / strategic opportunities to enhance performance and to ensure everything good is built upon. 


We carry out a detailed quantitative and qualitative diagnostics of the current e-commerce business. E-commerce is a promising growth sector, which many charities are failing to capitalise on. We bring considerable expertise on the sector to bear on this problem, measuring the performance of our clients and comparing them to industry benchmarks. This is a fast-moving area where small changes can yield dramatic benefits, and thus it’s important to draw upon expert guidance when developing a future strategy.


We consider the current capability of the shop’s teams along with their training and personal development opportunities. We talk to as many retail staff and volunteers as possible to consider their ideas and thoughts.

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