Customer Experience Review

The reputation of a charity is fundamentally critical to its continued prosperity. And there’s nothing more likely to injure a charity’s reputation than poor customer, donor or potential volunteer experience.

Every visit by a customer or donor to your store should be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate your qualities, and to secure that vital repeat custom. For local charity retailers, for whom marketing opportunities are scarce, this is all the more so.

Customers and donors are far more likely to tell a friend about a bad experience than they are a good experience. Conversely, it’s far easier to retain existing customers than is to draw in new ones.

Skyline provides a sector-leading Customer Experience Review. Through it, we can assess the experience of everyone who engages with the business. This can include customers, both new and existing, as well as donors and prospective volunteers. Once we have a clear image of this experience, we can effectively troubleshoot.

Many clients have used the Customer Experience Review as a first step toward a full Skyline Health Check, which provides a comprehensive overview of a business’s performance. On the other hand, the review might form part of a regular programme of mystery shopper reports, used to monitor customer experience and raise standards across the entire organisation.

We review the experience of:




Customers are crucial to your success. A customer experience review will assess the following, while accounting for local tastes and demographics, and for industry best practice:
Of course, data on its own is meaningless unless it’s presented in a way that’s clear and comprehensible. We produce a summarised report, in collaboration with the visiting Skyline expert, who will provide their expert insight into your performance. Through the report and a verbal consultation, you’ll understand what if feels like to be a donor or customer in your stores.

We’ve seen the effect that an outside perspective can have on business. It can identify problem areas, but it can also provide reassurance that everything is running smoothly, and act as an opportunity to celebrate great service by managers, staff and volunteers.

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