Interim Management

When a key member of the team leaves unexpectedly or without time to plan succession, the entire company can suffer. Businesses caught in this position are left with a dilemma. They might look to fill the position quickly, thereby minimising the disruption. But this can create harmful incentives. Rushing the recruitment process can be disastrous, especially if the position is a senior one. On the other hand, any delay might cause a damaging vacuum of leadership.

These issues may also occur due to:
Both may be temporary but will impact business planning and performance.

Rapid recruitment can be difficult at upper management level. Many senior positions require that three months’ notice be given before a departure, which means that any new recruits who are employed elsewhere will not be able start immediately.

This will leave the business exposed. Governance and compliance issues may present themselves, as might challenges related to commercial performance and people-management. Without the right talent, meeting these challenges can be extremely difficult.

These problems have a common solution: interim cover. When a senior member of staff departs unexpectedly, an interim manager can come in. They will hit the ground running, minimise disruption, and keep the business in good order. This will buy the time needed to install a new long-term replacement.

How can we help?

We can help you to bring in the right cover. We’ll do so in a way that minimises disruption while ensuring that each candidate is a good match for the role and the requirements of the organisation.

Interim leadership demands a highly specialised skillset. Interims will need to be able to learn quickly, relocate at a moment’s notice, and do everything that a long-term leader would be able to do. Given these requirements, finding the right interim isn’t always easy!

Use a Skyline interim and you’ll benefit from a charity retail expert who’s been fully trained by the UK’s leading charity retail consultancy. They’ll bring fantastic interpersonal and technical skills to the table.

They’ll bring fantastic interpersonal and technical skills to the table.

Our interim solutions will allow your organisation to continue running uninterrupted, to plan for the medium-term, and to spend the time you need to find the candidate who’ll fit your requirements in the long term.

Do you have a vacancy looming at senior level? Whether it’s a pending issue or an imminent one, why not give us a no-obligation call to see if we can help?

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