Human Resources

The charity retail world is constantly evolving. Practices which might have suited a previous age might not be so effective today – and they might be even less so in the future. These changes may be driven by technology, but they might also be cultural, too. Nowhere is this in greater evidence than in the world of Human Resources.

To get the best from the people who make the business work, we must build the right supporting structures. Our experience designing bespoke charity retail structures will help to make your organisation fit for the challenges it currently faces, as well as those on the road ahead.

This will help to future-proof your organisation, making it fit for the challenges on the road ahead.

Long-term thinking

Often, attention is only paid to HR on a “needs must” basis. Staff are neglected until their performance begins to suffer, and problems are ignored until they become unignorable. This invariably results in imbalanced workloads, waning morale, and individuals who feel unable to deliver the standard of work expected of them by both the organisation and themselves.

By reviewing the current charity retail structure, utilising our deep knowledge of charity retail and understanding of what will be most appropriate structure for the future we can help. Sometimes by restructuring the retail organisation, even if these are in reality small changes we can eliminate stress points in decision-making, smoothen operations, and ensure better outcomes for both the organisation and the individuals who make it run. An effective structure is one that provides every member of your organisation with a clear path for future development. That way, they can work knowing that good results can be rewarded. There are few things more demoralising, after all, than the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end.

Why work with us?

Here at Skyline, we have worked with scores of charities who have come to recognise the value that having their retail structure reviewed and aligned for the future, sometimes by a change of Job descriptions, sometimes by restructuring it can contribute to improved morale, and raise the productivity of all staff. Our results speak for themselves: we improve morale, cut costs, improve performance, increase individual capabilities, and provide a platform for future improvement.

If you wish to discuss your people, their development and retail structure options, then why not get in touch? There’s no obligation to go further, and you’ll learn how our support can benefit your business in particular.

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