The success of your Charity Retail business depends on the contribution of your volunteers. Fail to attract the right talent, and you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage. Conversely, if you install the right procedures and attract the right people, you’ll thrive.

Recruiting volunteers has been made even more challenging by the Covid-19 pandemic. Charity retail traditionally depends on the contributions of retirees. But with older people being particularly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus, charity retailers will need to recruit from younger demographics.

Recruiting and Retention

Your business will need a long-term strategy which covers recruitment and retention. By driving down staff turnover, you’ll benefit from the experience and skills that your recruits amass during their time working for your charity retail business.

Volunteers will need to get a sense of satisfaction from the work they do for your organisation. This means including them in the decision-making process, and allowing them to help shape the culture of the workplace. By giving them a say, you’ll allow them to share in your success.

Volunteers have fundamentally different needs to full-time employees, and your strategy will need to reflect this. If treated properly, they can act as willing ambassadors for your cause, which will raise your reputation locally, and thereby drive sales and facilitate future recruitment.

Where can we help?

To optimise your approach to volunteers, you’ll need an informed and impartial perspective. That’s where we come in. We understand the importance of volunteers, having worked with countless charities. As part of a range of support services, we assess recruitment and staff retention, and, where necessary, implement the appropriate changes.

In many cases, a fundamental overhaul of your culture and structures may be worthwhile to safeguard the business in the long-term. We’ll analyse your branch coverage, help with targeted campaigns, and ensure that your recruitment strategy covers all of your legal obligations.

Even after the lockdown has been lifted, the effects of social distancing will continue to be felt by charity retailers across the country. By evaluating your approach at the outset of this new era, you’ll be able to limit your exposure to contagion, and identify new channels through which to source volunteers.

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