What do we offer?

Retail is undergoing the biggest change in its history as consumers alter thier shopping habits.

Charity Retail is no exeption and in fact has some additional challenges; falling donations, increased competition, lack of charity retail leadership expertise, increased costs and the emergence of E-commerce.

Skyline has developed an effective service to address these issues, which we call – Skyline Turnkey Solution.

Charity retail leaders need sizeable expertise to thrive and maximise revenue from their retail operations during this time. Skyline understands that it is normal to face challenges within retail that include Leadership, Training, Project Management, E-commerce and so much more. To combat these problems, we have the market leading Skyline Turnkey Solution.

Skyline Turnkey Solution:
“We improve your retail business and resolve your retail problems – you simply do the accounts.”

Advantages of a Skyline Turnkey Solution

  • Totally bespoke as based upon very specific needs.
  • A fully packaged range of services delivered by the UK’s leading charity retail experts.
  • A service that is in demand with CEO’s and Boards due to guaranteed, immediate and effective change.
  • Collaborative, Strategic and Operational
  • 100% success rate with proven results.
  • Fixed cost and no additional on-costs.