What do we offer?

There are many different companies offering mystery shopping for retailers, however the vast majority have little or no knowledge of charity retail, which is fundamentally different from traditional retail. Skyline however are charity retail experts; therefore our mystery shopping is more insightful and far more meaningful than any other mystery shop and carried out only by people who totally understand charity retail.

What is it?

The data we collect and analyse from a Skyline Mystery Shopping creates a unique insight into how the shops individually are perceived by customers, plus a real-life insight if the shops are following the guidelines in terms of Stock density, Stock selection, Gift Aid, Rotation, Pricing, Merchandising, plus anything else you require.

Giftaid It!

The Skyline Gift Aid mystery shop measures the asking for gift aid at the point of donation. It also where appropiate measures the quality of how gift aid was asked for.

The Skyline test shop measures the level of customer sevice at the point of sale.

The Skyline insight mystery shop

Measures the selected operational aspects of the charity retail business. These can include the Stock density, Stock selection, Rotation, Pricing, Shop Layout, use of retail space, Visual Merchandising / Ambience, plus whatever the client requires.

A Skyline mystery shop can encompass:

  • A Skyline Gift Aid mystery shop
  • A Skyline test shop
  • A Skyline insight mystery shop

When all three Skyline mystery shops are used together it gives it produces a real in-depth insight in to the shop operation and the root causes to the current gift aid and sales performance.