What do we offer?

Charity Retail is a hugely difficult sector to manage due to complexity of working with so many people (managers and volunteers) as well as the pace of donation in an increasingly competitive market.

In traditional retail you can be a relatively successful manager by being a reasonable customer focused operator; this is not enough to be successful manager within Charity Retail.


Because to LEAD a charity Retail Business in today’s competitive retail environment requires a plethora of different skill sets then traditional retail. All charity Retail Managers must possess robust commercial acumen, fantastic operational ability, terrific strategic vision and inspiring leadership skills for a Charity Retail Business to achieve long-term success.

The challenge to create EXCELLENCE in people and enhance unrestricted revenue is ENORMOUS!

Skyline Solution

Our Mentoring and Personal Development Programme is designed to target any gaps in overall skills as described for; Retail Directors, Heads of Retail, Retail Operations Managers, Senior Retail Managers to optimise their day-to-day effectiveness so that their commercial contribution increases revenue, retention and customer experiences, as wel as profits and brand strengthening.

Skyline programmes are 6-months or 12-months in duration and are complete with:

  • A structured personal bespoke development programme
  • One-to-one training and coaching days
  • Confidential telephone support from their mentor/coach

Skyline Coaches are Charity Retail and Leadership experts.