How is your charity retail business really performing?

Charity retail boards and CEO’s need to have assurance that their retail business is performing as close as possible to its optimal performance. Obtaining optimum performance from a Charity retail operation is complex because of the range of interdependent variables. This makes it very difficult for boards and even the retail teams leadership to fully understand the root causes of underperformance.

Skyline has developed a very successful market leading product called ‘Health Check’ for undertaking a detailed yet bespoke audit of charity retail operations. This gives the level of assurance and independent insight that retail boards and CEO’s require.

What is it?

This is a highly detailed full audit of a retail business or what is required by the board to identify the causes of underperformance and not simply logging of the obvious effects. A Skyline health check is the UK’s leading charity retail review because it uses industry leading quantitative analysis tools coupled with a qualitative review carried out by leading charity retail experts.

The health check is a totally bespoke service that aligns to the client’s requirements which can analyse topics like:

  • Full detailed business analysis using the industry leading Skyline charity retail analytics tool kit. No one else does such a detailed analysis
  • The ultimate detailed Retail operations review - checking best practices and all processes
  • Skyline review of the current return on donations by shop using industry leading analysis tools. This is so vitally important to understand the donor support and potential of any charity retail business.
  • A detailed review of new goods
  • A detailed review of the usage of retail space
  • A detailed E-commerce review
  • A comprehensive review of every current shop format and every shop location
  • A full review of Gift Aid performance and compliance review
  • People capability review
  • Retail leadership review

Every single area reviewed comes complete with highly detailed report and detailed recommendations. Unlike other consultancies Skyline can if required carryout any aspect of the Skyline Health Check report.