What do we offer?

The REPUTATION of a charity is so FUNDAMENTALLY CRUCIAL at a local or national level that even small errors can ruin customer experience meaning that reputational damage can spread like a forest fire!

Skyline’s Customer Experience Review is the Sector Leader in assessing the experience of customers within charity shops whether a new or repeat customer.

Our review measures the following:

  • Donor Experience including if and how Gift Aid is mentioned
  • Volunteer experience when inquiring about volunteering
  • Customer service experience when making a purchase
  • Customer experience with complete analysis of:
    • The product range the local customer would expect
    • The pricing and if it is optimised to the local market
    • The product rotation compared to industry best practice
    • The use of retail space compared to industry best practice
    • The overall shop ambience
    • The brand awareness and effect the shop has overall on the brand image

The data collated and analysed provides a unique insight into how the shops are perceived by your customers, donors and potential volunteers. It also highlights whether the shops are reaching their sales potential based upon industry best practices.

The complete findings will be presented in a clear-cut format, to the relevant audience by the Skyline Expert who has led this exercise.