Consultancy Days

Let us help you solve your problems

Retail is undergoing the biggest change in its history driven by changing consumers shopping habits. The growth of online retailing and value retailers is shrinking the traditional high street and making trading more difficult than ever for charity retailers.

Obtaining optimum performance from a charity retail operation is complex because of the range of interdependent variables that can evolve and change over a relative short period of time. This makes it very difficult for boards and even the retail teams leadership to fully understand the root causes of underperformance. To help address this Skyline has introduced an industry leading product called Consultancy Days.

A charity retailer can purchase individual consultancy days or packages of 5 consultancy days which come complete with a 7 day a week advice support line. The number of days can be topped up as required so it’s similar to retail expert available 24/7 to help and support your charity, but you only pay for what you use.

Problem Solving

How do we solve a problem?

So often charities have a problem that is either hard to define or hard to resolve because of capacity or capability within existing teams. Skyline has developed a service called hit squad, where we supply the qualified manpower to hit and resolve those frustrating problems without affecting normal operations.  The Skyline team are a mixture of highly experienced charity retailers and senior retailers which brings exceptional knowledge and capabilities to resolve any problem.

With the charity retail sector having reached saturation point, with growing competition from other charity retailers as well as value retailers most charities need some assistance to ensure they are ahead of the curve. Skyline has developed the ‘hit squad’ where we can resolve any of your blockages to a more profitable business.

Skyline: We don't simply write a glossy report we actually fix your problems.

Typically, these problems range from:

  • Falling profits
  • Falling sales
  • E-Commerce
  • Budgeting
  • Shop openings and refits
  • Business structure
  • Culture and operational change
  • Short term retail leadership – please read the Skyline turnkey solution
  • Performance management
  • Getting the right shop formats and shop image
  • Recruitment challenges