Charity Retail Training

Retail is undergoing the biggest change in its history as consumers change their shopping habits. Charity retail is no exception and in fact has some additional challenges; falling donations, increased competition, lack of charity retail technical training / development, increased costs, the emergence of e-commerce and the digitally enabled customer.  Skyline charity retail training for all charity shop staff can generate additional unrestricted income for charities.

Today all charity retail management need considerable expertise to thrive and maximize revenue from their retail operations during this time.

Skyline understands the difficulties charities face as their retail managers need specialist training and development to be effective. Compulsory training tends to be geared around subjects like: Health & Safety, Risk Assessments and Managing Volunteers but totally misses the commercial training charity managers need to become better retailers. Skyline has developed a simple solution to address these challenging times.

What is it?

Skyline are a UK Registered Learning Provider

Skyline believe that being a registered learning provide is so important because clients can be assured that the training provided is of the highest quality.  It is also important to note that all of Skyline’s training is designed specifically for all charity retail businesses.

Most charity shop management do receive good compulsory training but the there are opportunities to do more personal development especially formal structured training.  The outcome of this should be to actually upskill the team and enable them to perform at a higher level.

Skyline training could be the perfect solution, because it is proven to engage the participants while also delivering improved sales.  A example of how well received the Skyline commercial classroom training was rated by participants throughout 2016/17/18/19 as outstanding plus the average sales improvement for commercial training is a 8% sales improvement.

Skyline training is divided into four categories:

Skyline commercial training:

The Skyline Commercial Training produces measurable results in improved sales through greater knowledge and improved self confidence .  If you want to improve the sales within your charity shops then upskilling the team by using Skyline Commercial Training is a popular and effective option.

We call it all commercial training because it has positive measurable commercial impact on a charity retail business.  It covers topics like visual merchandising, the pricing of donations, the use of date, the use of retail space, Gift Aid sales development, and customer service.  It is carried out in a classroom setting and in your charity shops depending on the content selected, and while we have a full range of ‘off the shelve training’ we do bespoke everything to meet exactly each individual clients requirements.

Skyline operational training / solutions:

Having a good Charity Retail Operation, requires a good operations manual and imbedded best practices.  Skyline can help in a broad number ways from setting up a shop of excellence, writing a operations manual (or assisting)  to training charity retail best practices. If you want operational excellence this Skyline operational training / solutions are the ideal solution.

Skyline leadership training and coaching

If you want your managers to be better leaders and managers then Skyline leadership training is the ideal solution. This is perfect for newly appointed Retail Directors, Heads of Retail, Retail Operations Managers, Regional managers and Senior Retail Managers. This is the ideal solution if you want to invest in your newly appointed senior retail managers.

Skyline specialist training and coaching

If you want a better run e-commerce operation, improved Gift Aid performance, assistance in developing a charity retail strategy or any aspect of charity retail improved then Skyline specialist training and coaching is the ideal solution. Skyline are the definitive charity retail e-commerce experts, the leading charity retail strategy specialists and have a track record of improving Gift Aid performance so you will be in safe hands.

By using the Skyline charity retail training, you will:

  • Supplement your compulsory training programme for retail
  • Improve the individual performance of your existing shop management teams
  • Improve your sales performance