Welcome to Skyline Business Services the Uk's leading charity retail consultants

As the Uk's leading charity retail consultants our expertise is genuine and well defined with a growing list of over 50 satisfied clients. Let us help you improve your charity retail performance, Skyline offer a personal and bespoke service to charities anywhere in the UK.

We offer a wide range of different services from advisory to hands on leadership, from business strategy development to strategy delivery for charity retailers.

We have the experience and proven track record of producing sustainable results. The constant is everyone at Skyline is totally addicted to making a difference.

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We typically work in close partnership with our clients to deliver improved business performance by combining original thinking, astute analysis and practical solutions. Our client list is large, over 50 and growing fast, our testimonials are impressive.

Skyline Charity Retail Training

Skyline charity retail training is the UK’s only on the job skills training for charity retail management. All the Skyline training options have a high degree of bespoke design to closely match the client’s specific requirements. Every aspect of the training is designed to upskill individuals or whole retail teams irrespective of job titles with the industry leading best practices and on the job skills required to improve capability and performance.

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Why Choose Us?

Our expertise is genuine and well defined with a growing list of satisfied clients. We are Uk’s Charity Retail experts and we have the highest number of satisfied clients for a good reason. We are available to present to any charity boards, finance committees or income generation boards on what is happening within charity retail today and what will be the future of charity retail in this fast changing era of changing consumer shopping habits.

We would strongly recommend anyone thinking of carrying out a retail review or would like improvement in any aspect of their retail business to speak us because we are the definite charity retail experts.

  • Skyline have the full range of services
  • Formed in 2014 to help charities
  • We have In-depth knowledge of every aspect of retail
  • We have a Wealth of experience within Charity Retail
  • Skyline are the thought leaders within Charity retail
  • We can write and deliver any charity retail strategy
  • We are professional and approachable
  • Our costs are very reasonable and we offer payment plans
  • We believe in clients getting a return on any investment
  • We are the definite Charity retail E-Commerce experts
  • Skyline are a UK registered training company so rest assured our training in excellent
  • We have proven results
  • We really want to help and we can help all charities
  • We always deliver on time
  • All of the Skyline team are honest and are the trusted advisors to many different charities
  • The Skyline team are the Uk's charity retail experts
  • The initial meeting is free so there is no reason not to get in touch